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Cora di Brazzà (née Cora Slocomb)(1862-1944), was a peace activist, author, artist, social entrepreneur and humanitarian. Upon marrying Count Détalmo di Brazzà Savorgnan of Italy in 1887, Cora became Countess di Brazzà Savorgnan. After marriage, she moved to the family's palatial estate, the
Castello di Brazzà, in the Fruili region of Northern Italy. Count Détalmo’s appointment to the International Postal Union enabled Cora to travel internationally, including to her native United States. Cora's activity during these U.S. visits included work on behalf of the Peace Through Law Movement. She developed the Universal Peace Flag (pictured right) and the Universal Peace Badge as part of a sophisticated system of peace education. To learn more about Cora, a good starting place is her Wikipedia page.

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